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Friday, March 29, 2013

Serro's Ship Log

Entry 222

Quiv Battlebred
It's been a couple days of planning. Gra' and Jin'kins took the opportunity to upgrade their equipment and get a few additional treats. They will join a quiv battlebred squad on the ground assault, the ones I am assigned to ferry to Krutos. I was invited to the captain's conference and their grand admiral went over the battle plans. Somehow Primeus knew this would be coming and got any remaining bit of fleet they could to Krutos. So Melthos will be meeting it head on with as much as they can muster. My Needle and a few other ships plan to swoop onto the planet when the 2 fleets meet (sneaking in under the confusion of space battle), and establish a forward base on the outskirts of the capital city. We all travel the lanes tomorrow.

Entry 223

Cardoon Streetripper
With my team, the squad of battlebred, and a streetripper aboard (a cardoon design APC), we arrive around Krutos. And sure enough, a Primeus fleet was waiting for us. Luckily the Melthos fleet arrived first and engaged them in a brutal space conflict. I took the Needle in under the fighting with a couple other small ships and headed straight to Krutos. We enter the planet's atmosphere through the poles and ride under the upper atmosphere storms.

The city had its defenses. Along the rails that made up the cities' infrastructure were missile launchers. Luckily our ECM and armor prevented us from getting any major damage. We dropped on land with what was designated to be our base. The troops and my team unloaded and begin the assault, facing off against the planetary defense forces. I opted to stay aboard the ship and keep it warm. I'm no soldier. I didn't want to leave my ship unoccupied amidst a battle.

Primeus MC (Military Construct)
Good thing too. As Gra' and the rest pushed closer, they met up with a MC that was able to hault their assault. I had the idea to try using the Needle's plasma cannon to take a shot at it from long range. It was a tricky shot. I needed to aim through a couple buildings, but still the shot was potent enough to do a significant amount of damage to the MC.

Our forces regrouped. We had taken the forward base. Next step planned was to take over the citie's transport system. There was no way Melthos would progress on land unless they had control over the rail system.

They looked to me and my team to handle that. Apparently I was the most capable hacker on ground.

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