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Friday, March 15, 2013

Serro's Ship Log

Entry 221

Luckily Nykus' claim was right. He was indeed important to the Melthos nation, and were happy to pay the 3 million. But he now tells me he has another job for us. He will gladly pay off my debt completely for it.

They have a plan of attack with the moonspiders for Krutos, but they need a fast stealthy transport for a few specialists to be dropped behind enemy lines, and we are just the ship and crew for the job.

I didn't know what to think of it. Technically my job was done, and my duty here fulfilled. They paid already so I could go.

But I could find several reasons to take the high risk job. I've been getting to know and like Jin'kins, and I could see this was important. Melthos could potentially be a much better client nation than Primeus, and Krutos under Melthos control would be a massive bonus. Gra' seems to be having fun and appreciate the action as well. But on the other hand we could get killed. I didn't start this little venture to be a spec-ops military unit.

Damnit, I'm taking the job.

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