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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Minis Showcase: Qur'haddan Tempest Conversion

This is another one of my minis conversion that I'm proud of. Konomancer, the project of Jarom and I, has in it a lot of cool stuff (well, we think so anyway). The invading advanced alien race, the Qur'haddan, have a monk-like class. Instead of inner-peace and meditation, though, they use their martial discipline, high agility, and speed to pull corrosive and necrotic substance, called Void, from the dead parts from the Realm (Konomancer's version of the Feywild). These are the Qur'haddan Tempests. I really liked the idea of making a miniature of one, so I stumbled on a half-orc monk by Reaper. It took a little filing to get its claws and tusks to go away, and minimal conversion. I had to add something on its wrists for the black gems which act as the Tempest's implements, and some creative painting produced this:
For art on a Tempest in action, by Jarom, click here.


  1. This is a very cool fig and an excellent conversion as I can't recognize the original Reaper fig in there.

    1. Thanks Mik, I think it turned out pretty well. Already I notice some things I would have tried different with paining, but I figured I got close enough.