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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mass Effect - Alternity Rulebook: Update 4 - Biotics

Alternity handles its psionics the same way it handles its skills. They must be purchased with skill points, they have a 3 number value, and rolling against the 3 numbers give different degrees of outcome. Purchasing higher ranks in said skills just increase your chances of succeeding or getting better outcomes, as well as give you new uses for them.
There are a lot of different biotic powers, but again I'm not giving this book a bunch of game powers, I'm providing means for players to simulate them. So I have categorized all the biotic uses I've seen into a set of skills that can be used to make the various effects as seen throughout the books and games.
The 4 biotic skills will be:
  • Barrier
  • Singularity
  • Telekinesis
  • Enhance
Barrier is the skill of using biotics to shield oneself. At higher ranks you can also expend that shield to make an area attack. And later you can extend your shield outward to make a sphere, guarding your allies.

Singularity is the skill of using biotics to make a small temporary gravity well. At later ranks you can do a shockwave by making the gravity wells explode, dealing damage and launching things into the air. If used directly on a target, the little gravity wells tear things apart.

Telekinesis is a big one. The possibilities of this skill are endless. It's the use of biotics to move things. Simple as that. With the wave of your hands, you can push, pull, lift, throw, and even slam them into other things. Higher ranks allow you to use telekinesis on heavier and heavier stuff. This can even be used to hold enemies in stasis at higher ranks, preventing them from moving.

Enhance is using biotics to put power behind your actions. With it you charge your fists for that biotic punch, and even speed up your movement for slamming into opponents, or quick getaways.

With some creative thinking players can use the skills for a variety of effects, simulating all the powers from the game, and even making some of their own.

Next time I will talk about weapons and armor. There is an interesting thing I discovered about Mass Effect weapons. It took me a while to realize it, but I'll get into it next update.

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