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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angry Miniatures Part 6: Mini Booklet

I've just recently been acquainted with Rogue Space and I'm really liking the book. It appears to be a simple RPG system, but not too abstract. I also really like the format he did his little mini booklets and preview books. I saw those and thought to myself what a great idea, I bet I could fit the Angry Miniatures rules into one of those. So I did.
Featuring another piece of art by Jarom Swenson (who is now home again, YAY!), I was able to condense the rules into a much more manageable format. This forced me to be creative with some writing and also helped me to get rid of some redundancies. Putting this stuff into a miniature 8 page booklet is a great activity.

In case you don't know how to put this together, I found some simple instructions, courtesy Google images.


  1. I just tested a print of this document downloaded from another computer and printed on a different printer. When folded something was off, and some of the pages got cut off a little and seem to be creeping to one side. i imagine it is differences in printers. Anyone trying this experiencing a similar problem?

  2. Ok i figured it out. When printing, make sure you set the 'Page Scaling' to 'None'. Otherwise it shrinks the page to some margins that shouldn't be there, for the PDF already accounts for margins.

    Im updating and rewriting some parts so I'll make another update with a v2 soon.