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Friday, May 4, 2012

Angry Miniatures Part 5: Plans for the Future

So my game of Angry Miniatures is mostly done. The big thing is i need to expand a few of the rules as well as the list of Perks and Flaws. So what do i plan on doing with it?

First thing is compile it into a book form. The core rules. This will be for standard skirmishes against an opponent. There will be things like scenarios in there as well.

Next thing i want to do will be a lot more ambitious. I actually originally designed this game for solo play. Let's face it, you can't always find a partner to try out a new game. So how about play it with yourself? (without trying to sound dirty).
You may or may not remember these books from grade school. You may remember the frustration of dieing all the time or using several bookmarks to backtrack decision tracks. Or you may remember how cool it was to be invested in a story like you are actually behind the wheel. I plan to simulate some of that.

The project idea is to release a book that simulates a basic dungeon crawl (with a few twists) where you take a party of miniatures into the dark lair of something. It will sort of be laid out like a choose your own adventure book by keeping things secret. The chapters will be separated by rooms, and have a basic map-like illustration of the rooms. This way when you get to that chapter, you duplicate the map onto your own dry-erase map sheet, and place your minis. Things you interact with will tell you which page to turn to and what happens therein. Even monsters in the dungeon will be scripted. If you enter a room and encounter an Ogre guarding his treasure pile, it will give the stats for the Ogre, including the size of its token and health track, and even basic scripting. Basic scripting are simple instructions that dictate his behavior in battle. Like one will say "Hates Magic: This figure will always move to attack a Magic character first" or "Cowardly: This figure will surrender if it is the only remaining monster in the room."

I will not make it all just a hack and slash, i will add puzzles and skill challenges. This means character creation will expand a little. Allowing you to choose skills for your characters like lockpicking, arcane lore, and taunting (forcing monsters on this character, like getting that Ogre who hates magic off your wizard).

I am excited about this because it will challenge me on a writing level, and hopefully provide some great and interesting solo play for you.

Next after that i will be designing the Angry Miniatures: SciFi. This will have to be different than the fantasy series because the scifi genre works different and should feel different, other than just a reflavoring of the fantasy rules. Then for that, a Space Hulk book!

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