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Friday, November 21, 2014

Another long hiatus and a New Blog

I'm not dead, and neither is my gaming.

In fact it is alive as ever, but in a different direction, slightly. I have succumbed to an addiction to plastic crack. For about a year or so I have been bitten by the Warhammer bug and most of my attention outside the normal responsibles are directed at that.

As I have touched upon in another post, I got into 40k before, but due to negative play experiences I never really stuck with it. Then my brother James decided he wants to play and bought a Necron battlebox. At first I was resistant, with 40k not being on my gaming radar. But I wasn't one to quelch his gaming desires and decided to give it another go. I knew my brother in-law, Caleb, is really into the game and its tournament scene, and he was coming down from Washington to visit his parents. I wanted to meet with him and play to get to know it once again. He is a very nice guy and said he would love to bring his Chaos Space Marines to teach me.

So I dusted off my old Tau, brushed up on the rules (as at this point, 2 editions have come and gone) then built a list. That game with Caleb was amazing, even though it was unremarkable. I really believe in the power of having a good teacher.

From that point on it was about 2 years of getting back into the hobby, meeting new friends, and enjoying Warhammer again. The game that never truly left me.

So to commemorate my passion in the hobby, I decided to branch off into another blog:


I do plan on coming back to this blog on occasion, but any updates here will be non-warhammer related. I do hope to see you there as I have done a lot of neat work with 28mm wargaming miniatures.

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