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Friday, February 22, 2013

Serro's Ship Log

Entry 214

As soon as we had a chance to breathe from the action, Gra' restrained Jin'kins. I had some questions. No quiv fights with that martial skill unless they were built for it. He didn't fight my inquisition. He let me know he was simply on a delivery. He had something important to give to a quiv politician on Krutos. He seemed sincere that he didn't want trouble. He's seen enough in his life under servitude. Still, I wanted to make sure.

I don't often like to use my unregistered psionic ability. Ever since I was a child I could get a sense of other minds around me, even delve into them with enough concentration. I pulled the quiv close and got a look. He was telling the truth, and it didn't seem like he was supposed to kill me. Which was important.

Regardless, we are going to drop him off in Krutos and be done with it.

Entry 215

Compared to the thousands of barely habitable worlds in the galaxy, Krutos would be considered pretty decent. A mere strip around the equator of the world is considered habitable. The rest is black frozen wasteland. Because of the intense storms from the disparate climates, you need to enter atmosphere at one of the poles and ride underneath it to the equator and get to the main city. It's a tradeworld. All tourin lanes leading to and from it are fast. It's also the last stop between Melthos and Primeus space. Many a trader could set-up shot here and never be lack of work. The only thing that stops many of them from doing that are harsh Primeus trade embargoes and taxes.

The city itself is like a giant scaffold with structures suspended in between the bars. Lifts and rails between them provide the avenues for transport. If there is one thing you can say nice about Primeus, its that they know how to build efficiently. The city is about as tall as it is wide.

Once docked, we said our goodbyes to Jin'kins, and got to business. We were met by the consort to the local Primeus planetary royal family. Guess who the wood was for. He was the usual stuck-up wealthy type. Once things were finalized we got our pay. After a long trip, Gra' and I needed a drink.

Entry 216

Combat Assist Frame
Well Jin'kins came back, but this time he came back with a job. He met Gra' and I in the bar as I was putting my name out there for work. His contact here, a Melthos politician, wants a ride off, him and his battlebred bodyguard. He is offering 1.5 million for the job. For some reason I had an uneasy feeling about this. Like I knew it was going to be trouble. I agreed as long as I got to meet this politician. He did have a meeting time and spot. Some cha'el day spa. It was a few hours off, so we had time to do some shopping. Gra' was anxious to see it parted on some expensive military goods. Also I reluctantly commissioned a repair job to the Combat Assist Frame (CAF) we looted from that moonspider ship. I don't have any proficiency with wearing them, but it may come in handy one day.

We took a transport to meet the Melthos politician, a quiv named Nykus. He did have an imposing female quiv battlebred bodyguard, but she seemed loyal to Nykus. He explained that he needed to go someplace, but wouldn't tell where, and by doing this we would probably be branded enemies of the state with Primeus. Now, I never did like Primeus all that much, but to do so could be suicide, especially since I do get work from them, and they own a lot of space. With that I upped the price of the trip. I figured 2.5 million should cover it. He agreed.

Then we heard a booming voice from outside the spa call for Nykus. Jin'kins peeked and it was a hezak mercenary with his band of about 8 fully armed fairin. All wearing the colors of a Hezakian Combine group. Nykus wasn't willing to turn himself in, but we saw it would be too much for us to take, even if we had a battlebred on our side. Our best option was to hurry out the back. The mercs gave chase and we caught a taxi, threw out the driver, and piled in. We soon found ourselves running from a Combine military hovercraft.

After an intense chase, we made it to our ship and escaped in time. One thing about Krutos, and Primeus docks in general, it's extremely expensive to stay there. Nykus gave us coordinates to a distant planet in this system, so no tourin travel. I'm now headed somewhere I don't know or have any documentation of, and a lot more quiv on my ship than I am comfortable with, and an enemy of Primeus. I may have just ruined my career.

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